Monday, October 09, 2006

More Fun

I am really loving the Yoko Ono book. I love it and her so much I'm tempted to see if any of her CDs are at the library (can't commit to buying any right now...decreased cash flow) and will check them out.

As for audio, I've got my sister's old car for a while (mine's in the shop) and today I found F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night. Fitzgerald is my favorite American author, but this is the first attempt at Tender. Excellent so far.

Still chugging away on the blanket. I'm convinced when it's done, it will be able to wrap and warm at least 2 adult sized Hokies during a hellish winter night game at Lane Stadium (Antartica is warmer). My sweater yarn should be here any day now though, then the blanket goes on another hiatus (hopefully not a long one).

No offense Jenn, but I hated _The Great Gatsby_. On the other hand I must agree on your assessment on Blacksburg weather. Making the trek from Radford to Blacksburg it always seemed to be ten degrees colder by the time we got there.
I won't comment on the 'Gatsby.... (urgh).
Where John Lennon was pure musical genius, Yoko Ono was not. Save your pennies, 'cos "Walking on Thin Ice" is one of the worst songs evah.
Yes, but is Yoko Ono kinda like bellbottoms? So uncool it's cool?

Also, I did like Gatsby, but I can see why it can come off as odious. It's basically a story about people you don't like and who will treat you like shite, and then a lot of other people die, and it's a big bummer. But in listening to Tender Is The Night, I kinda wanna read Gatsby again, to compare and contrast.
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