Monday, December 04, 2006


My last day wasn't too bad. I got an admission in, and finished up a bit early. I got some nice cards, and a potluck lunch and a gift card for a facial (okay, so they weren't such bastards anyway). But most importantly, I got my freedom.

This morning I went for a pre-employment physical. As part of the benefits package, employees in this new company can opt to participate in a wellness club. Success in the club can earn one up to $500 a year! I may be naive, but it makes me feel happy knowing there is a big company that supports their employees well-being. So far, so good. It seems a nice place to work, everyone seems very knowledgable.

I finished Dr. Stan's book and I liked it immensely. Also, I am waiting on Alex Jameson's book The Great American Detox Diet to be available at the local branch of our county library. Alex is also known as Healthy Chef Alex, who is the wife of documentarian Morgan "Super Size Me" Spurlock. If you liked SSM, we recommend his book, Don't Eat This Book!

Forgot to mention to all readers: our co-blog, Floyd Loves Janice, is updated regularly with our marriage stuff. Mostly now it's about the nutrition plan we're on and how we're doing, but other stuff gets posted there as well. Check it out!

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