Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Bitch

What I learned this Christmas:

1) Life is short. Drive carefully, especially around the Gaskins Road/Patterson Avenue area. Shannon's best friend's brother was killed Christmas Eve in a car accident.

2) Money truly is not everything.

3) It's okay not to like Celine Dion

4) I am very easily threatened by other women when it comes to my husband. Even if said woman is my own mother. (No, it's not a Jerry Springer type thing. She just wanted to buy him an IPOD for his birthday in January. So...I'm buying him an IPOD for Christmas. I'm sorry, but I think mother-in-law gifts should be lame and non-upstaging to the wife. I told her to get him a Sports Illustrated Shoe Phone. For that is the perfect mother-in-law gift)

5) My family Christmas would not be overwhelming...if I was Jessica Simpson. Because in Jessica Simpson's family, it's apparently normal for 9 year olds to get IPODs, 15 year olds to get cars, and for others to get waterford crystal glasses.

6) It's okay to want to work on Christmas next year. :D And so I am!

Freaky! Erin doesn't like being upstaged either. She also bought me an iPod. I called Mom to wish her Merry Christmas and told her what Erin gave me. She said, "Oh, no!" She had gotten me one too! The last time something like this happened Mom and Angela had both gotten me a copy of Wookiee Cookies (a Star Wars cook book).
So...did John get the shoe phone?
And since it's a Sports Illustrated item, is it the likeness of an athletic shoe with cletes?

--Just curious. :)
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