Friday, December 15, 2006

Slap it if you wanna!

I've discovered Sweet Moves: The Bedroom Rockstar Workout, through a back issue of BUST that I was reading for shits and giggles during my time off. The exercises in Sweet Moves tone up your fun parts for better lovemaking. It's divided into four short workouts that involve large amounts of hip grinding and ass wigglin' along with toning lower torso muscles and a primer in Kegel exercises. The instructors are hotties and it's a lot of fun to do. It's also the first exercise video I've encountered in which the word "ass" is used. For more info, go to

Hmmmmm. Now how to introduce this to Erin...
It's workout Pr0n....
Now if only they had the Gothic edition with the manic and frightening moves of Gerard Way (Watch the music vid for "Helena." He's like a psychotic preacher from Hell)...
I'd maybe dig that.
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No, this isn't workout porn. This is workout porn. Sweet Moves is like any fitness videos made to tone specific areas. Yes it is intended for adults. But I wouldn't call people doing certain exercises and yoga positions porn. The nude workout video I linked above, that I would definitely call porn.
It's a hard PG-13 or light R. They show and say more in Pretty Woman than they do in this video.
Breathe easy...
I wasn't saying it seriously. If I had, I would have spelled "Pr0n" correctly. Only joking! :)
Now I know you were joking. You might want to make the tone of your message a little clearer. No one can hear the tone of your voice or see your facial expression. Sarcasm, jokes and exaggerations can easily be taken the wrong way. Using emoticons or additional information to communicate the spirit of your message would be helpful! Hence my big beef with e-mails and blogs if they have been written in a way that could be misconstrued.
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