Friday, December 08, 2006

You too can avoid techno and still do cardio

I've tried aerobics classes out the yin-yang, and for me, a lot of the killjoy came when the music started blaring. Let's face it, aerobic instructors have horrible taste in music. So do the people who make aerobic soundtracks. I remember many an early morning shift at the Y cringing as old ladies water bounced to a nauseating score of technotized show tunes. A few lifeguards joked about stealing the tape and burning it. My dislike of house and techno made me turn off MTV at an early age, and now, living with a man who lives and breathes good ass-kickin' gut-bustin' metal, techno is a no-no in our house.

Still, it's fun to work out to music. I've got a large amount of CDs, and although there is no techno, I have a pretty good collection of funk, disco (another one DH will tolerate in very small doses), and Madonna. But we're finding that good metal can be just as effective. Black Label, Ozzy, ATP and, well, some Madonna, work really well. Queen and the Live Aid DVD concert also are awesome. Guns N Roses for a really bad day. And Pure Funk when you feel fun-loving. But no techno. Please no techno.

The closest thing to techno that I like and will listen to are The Lords Of Acid. Mainly cause they are also funny as hell!
I remember one of our power yoga classes set to the soundtrack of Titanic. Blech.
The Lords of Acid are the guys who do electronica right.
And yes, the Titanic soundtrack is truly dreadful shite.
I couldn't agree more.
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I found today that Motorhead works great as well hon. I didn't want to slow down at all with Lemmy & the gang blasting.
We should make a list on Floyd Loves Janice!
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