Sunday, February 18, 2007

John Force is a Major Douche and other stuff I learned on cable

We took an overnight getaway at a local Richmond hotel for Valentines day and we just got back. Everything was just great, and for the first time in a long time we had cable in the room. We settled down and flipped through the channels. And flipped and flipped some more. Basically when we left and checked out, we both agreed we were happy to be cable free once more.

First up, everyone has a reality show. And everyone who has a reality show is a major douche. We saw one called Driving Force. Driving Force is about a guy named John Force (catchy, ain't it!) who is apparently a major figure in drag racing. He crashes a lot, according to his own voice over during the credits. He's kind of a cross between a coked up Nick Nolte and Dale Earnhart. He's rather loud and domineering. His three Barbie Doll daughters, with his Barbie doll wife, are on the show as well. One of the girls is involved in racing as well. The opening scene involved Force attempting to talk to one daughter about some rebellious ways. Most of the conversation had to be bleeped due to the staggering amounts of profanity, as well as a loud diatribe about the family cat, that Force said resembled a sponge. The next scene he grabbed the cat in order to show us all "a trick" He held the cat in his arms, the cat stretched out in lower arms, and amid the protests of his wife and daughters, suddenly dropped the cat. You can see a couple of the daughters flinch. Later on, there is a scene where the older daughter, Ashley, competes in a drag race where the other car hits the wall. I got confused and thought it was indeed the Force car that ran into the wall, and for a moment, actually was glad that someone from the family could have been facing serious bodily harm. I felt ashamed, and turned off the television soon after. But I have a feeling that shame and lost hope as well as large amounts of abuse are somethng that this family deals with on a regular basis.

Also, I learned all about Anna Nicole's life. Twice. Once on E! and once on Biography.

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