Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My Top Five Favorite "Heroes"

Last night's episode was my favorite so far this season. So here are my favorite characters so far:
5) Issac. He's super sonic Basquiat
4) Micah. Cute kid in a fucked up family situation who can make quarters shoot out of pay phones. Problem is, who the hell uses a pay phone nowadays?
3) Claire. Claire rules. She is strong and smart. At first I thought that whole "Save the cheerleader" thing would play into the whole whiny Princess Leia type plotline, but we never saw Claire sweat. Last night's episode make me like her a lot more.
2) Hiro. Who here hates Hiro? Anyone? Of course not.
And finally, my favorite hero so far...
1) Mr. Muggles!
(Oh, you know they've gotta do SOMETHING with that. He gets more screen time now than Sylar!)

Keep watching Heroes, 9pm on NBC (and they're not paying me to say that!!!

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Micah's powers definitely come in handy when you visit the ATM though. Who needs pesky cards and PIN Numbers? And after last night's episode, Claire's father has become one of my favorite characters who's not a super hero. Matt Parkman is probably one of my top 5 right now. Man, I hope he catches a break real soon.
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