Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Famous Naked Dude Volume I: Type O Negative's Peter Steele

Yes it is real, and I saw him first, bitches!

On a related note, visit my husband's website, River City Revival, for more info on Peter and Co. John would like me to stress with rather great emphasis that Peter will be clothed over at RCR. Thanks!

I also should stress with rather great emphasis that all the musicians I mention on River City Revival will be clothed.
Damn. There are a few I'd like to see nekked!
Damn. I've got to see this picture (of Peter Steele) you have mentioned so often, Jenn...
Just outta curiosity if nothin' else. *^_^*

I don't think anyone could coax my favorite rock star (Mana-Sama) out of his (fabulous) clothes... *sigh*
I'm guessing the title of this post is a link to one of the pictures. I still haven't clicked it myself to find out.
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