Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm Gonna Put Down The Sudoku Before I Hurt Myself

I've been into Sudoku for the last couple of weeks now. It started as a whim, when there were no good mags at the CVS next to the Patient First I was planning to visit so Dr. Mohle could tell me exactly what the hell was with this throat thing I had (turns out, it was just a throat thing. Advil helped, and I'm feeling mucho better). I've been working the easiest of the easy puzzles, and it's actually quite fun. I think it may help with my concentration, and I've managed to work through my PTSD when it comes to numbers and math. However, as John and I found out last night, combining Sudoku with the movie The DaVinci Code can result in a strange phenomenon.

We've also been on this Dan Brown kick ever since we finished Angels and Demons, and since Barnes and Noble was having a DVD sale, we purchased a copy of The DaVinci Code. Last night we ate turkey burgers and watched the Tom Hanks classic. I started working my puzzle and actually almost imagined I was Sophie Neveu using my large brain and hottie intellect to crack the greatest mystery of all time, using of course, my Sudoku. I am a really huge dork.

Around 10 my benadryl started kicking in and soon I was sleeping. Of course, like anyone in a really good dream, I didn't think I was really sleeping. Instead, I was in Westminster Abbey with Langdon, Teabing, and Sophie, and the fate of the Holy Grail seemed to hang on my ability to solve this one particularly gosh darn tricky Sudoku puzzle. Of course in the dream, the sudoku puzzle was a floating glowing electronic orb-like apparatus. Suddenly, it came to me, and I sat straight up in bed and proceded to tell John, who was sitting at the Mac checking his email, exactly how the solution came to pass:
"I..I gottit. I...Okay. It's orange, and you have to put the '8' in the upprng..."
In my haze I noticed my husband staring at me. It's the same look he gives Bob when Bob meows for no reason.
"Hon? You've uh, you've lost me. What are you talking about?"
I sighed. Here I was, flirting with mathematical brilliance, and John just didn't get it. Poor dumb sap.
"Its. Its." John said I then just put my head back down and went to sleep. And Langdon, Teabing, Sophie and I never found the grail. Apparently it only reveals itself to those who are worthy.

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