Saturday, June 02, 2007

Julia Sweeney's Letting Go Of God

Julia Sweeney is that woman who used to do the character of Pat on SNL back in the days of Hartman, Carvey, Myers, Farley, and of course, Julia Sweeney. It was one of the few times when SNL was truly truly brilliant and funny, in my opinion. Since SNL, Julia has had her ups and downs. Her one woman show God Said Ha! detailed her scary ordeal with cancer. She has acted in a few movies, and adopted a little girl from China (she did a one woman show on that as well- In The Family Way). She is now performing her newest show, Letting Go of God. I was intrigued, so I bought a CD copy of Letting Go Of God from the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation- more on that later, most likely in our other blog, Floyd Loves Janice).

Sweeney was raised a devout Catholic and waxes poetic about her early life and how Catholicism helped shaped her. It was the same teachings however, that helped shaped her decision to become an atheist. Whether or not you agree with her viewpoint, Sweeney's honesty, eloquence and intellect shines in the show, and you can't help but find her endearing. Sweeney reports that one of her childhood friends, still a devout Catholic, is introducing the CD to her rosary group for discussion. It's new and refreshing look at religion, science, critical thinking belief and faith. I've linked Julia's blog to the site. It's definately work a look.

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