Wednesday, February 06, 2008


1) Work is good.

2) Family is excellent

3) We are going to Vegas in June. To meet James Randi. And Penn and Teller. And Rebecca Watson and the SGU.
If I get too much more into it, I'll get really excited again and won't be able to sleep tonight!

4) If anyone can provide really good encouragement about flying on an airplane, I'd greatly appreciate it. I am trying to overcome my fear of flying before June. Thanks a bunch guys!

Speaking as one who has been a student pilot and worked in the airline industry flying is one of the most wonderful experiences. If I could do away w/ the sound and thrum of the engine it'd be perfect. I find it to be relaxing, and the view is the most amazing thing you can experience. I miss it.

I had a dream last night we were boarding the plane for Vegas. Our pilots were awesome and we were traveling down a highway in our plane and we were actually flying at one point low to the ground. I remember yelling out "I'm flying!" and it was awesome. I woke up before we actually "took off" toward Vegas though.
That's a great dream, Jenn! You'll have a fantastic trip - any nervousness about flying is well worth the joy of going to all these fab adventures.
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