Monday, December 15, 2008


Discussion time!

Scenario: Sometime around 3.
Place: My sister's apartment (I was there to pick up my dog, who has been vaca-ing with my folks. My dad brought her along to Sis' casa to play with Daisy so he could fix the leaking W.C- but that's a different story for a different time.)
Problem: Dr. Phil was on TV.
Seriously, What is the real problem: Sigh. They were doing a show about something ridiculous about headlines of horror or some trash. Nancy Grace was on (is it just me, or is she REALLY FREAKIN annoying?) and was yammering with some other dude who I didn't recognize.
GET TO THE POINT!!!: Okay, okay! Well, this dude was talking about child abuse and said something that really bugged me. (Maybe folks have seen this part: it was right before this dude and Nancy Grace, who had apparently disagreed earlier, started a sissy yammerfest back-n-forth. I swear, that woman has a mouth that was made for swallowing mal-o-mars whole.)
What did he say: I'll paraphrase
"People get more upset when they see an animal attacked verses when we see a child abused. Remember the Michael Vick dogfighting story? People were in an uproar. YOU NEVER SEE THAT when there is a child involved. People are more likely to intervene when they see any animal being abused in a yard than when they see their neighbor's kid with bruises. People still have the idea that they shouldn't intervene in private matters such as how other people are raising their children."


Do you think that statement is true? Why?

Go ahead...(Feel free to leave a comment here or on facebook!!)

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