Monday, January 26, 2009

Success! A review of New Year's Resolutions 2009

Hee hee! Rock and roll! Some of the tenacity and ubersuccess of the new U.S. prez seems to be doing good for America. It's been good for me at least, having accomplished some of my New Years Resolutions, and it's only late January!!!
1) I am still on a high from yesterday, as a trip to our local Toys R Us to spend some of John's birthday money led to the discovery I have been waiting for what seems like decades! You are reading the blog of a proud owner of the newest Wonder Woman Barbie! I found her casually standing in all her Amazon Princess glory in the specialty Barbie section, and my squeals of glee actually scared a few small children. Double score. Anyhoo, she now stands proudly on my shelf with the other Wonder Woman Barbie I own, my Wonder Woman action figures, Barbie as Supergirl and Barbie as Black Canary. (As a double plus bonus, today whilst wishing Patton Oswalt a happy birthday I found Wonder Woman author Gail Simone. Hopefully she will accept my friend request!)

2) My friends and I are reading Dracula. Which is a classic. And is so not Little Women. Take that, Ed Wooderson Cullen! You and your tribe are goin' down, Sucka!

3) A few weeks ago, I picked up a copy of Twinkle's Big City Knits, as I am trying to finally have a garment that is worthwhile of my skeins of Takhi Stacy Charles Baby yarn in Magenta. The Evening Shell on page 135 not only would be cute, but also, has a cable in it! For the first time, I am knitting a cable! It took a lot of practice on victim yarn, but so far, it looks great. I am hoping to have it finished in time to wear when we go up to D.C. in Feburary for a very special event (gotta keep the very sensitive details private for now. It is legal, don't worry!)

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